How a Root Cellaring Works


Learn how  root cellaring works and find out which veggies you should grow that will store well in one. Our current times are much convenient so many of us fail to understand that this was not always the case. Years ago, people did not have the technology that we enjoy today and life was lived by putting in many hard efforts.

How a Root Cellar Works

People did not have any centralised heating system and relied on collecting wood to make a warm fireplace; there was no electricity and people lit candles to get a source of light; there were no intricate pens and quills were used; there were no taps to get instant water and people filled buckets at the well; and we can go and on about how difficult life was in the old times. Similarly, there were no efficient storing systems like a refrigerator back then and people had some alternative methods to keep food stored in a healthy way.

In the following article from the Garden Reboot, there is a comprehensive detail about how people belonging to old generations stored food using root cellars. The article discusses about how we should learn about these old ways because we might need them just in case. The writer has reviewed a book by Mike and Nancy Bubel in which key point s about root cellaring have been mentioned.


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