FlowersRoses, Cuttings to planting

Roses, Cuttings to planting

If you or someone you know has roses and you want to start some from them, cuttings are probably the easiest way to propagate them. Sometimes you can see climbing roses in the wild and you can also take cuttings from them or climbing roses from a friend or someone that has them.

   For climbing roses just don’t take the cuttings from the main long cane, you want to take a cutting from an off shoot of the long cane. The starting of the cuttings seems to be a matter of personal choice. Some folks just stick the cutting into the ground, others do that and then put a mason jar over the cutting. Some folks use a rooting hormone and some don’t.

  Amateur gardening tells of a neighbor that sticks the cutting into a small potato and plants it that way.       

   You need to realize that a lot of roses that folks have now days are actually grafted onto a hardier root stock. This helps the plant be healthier in cold climates but when you take a cutting from this bush you will be starting a rose bush on its own root stock and it may not be as hardy or sturdy as the original.

photo credit aconant
photo credit aconant

  The exception to this is miniature roses. They are grown on their own root stock. Scvrs tells about the mason jar method.  While Gardening know how informs us of the best time to take cuttings.





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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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