Vehicle MaintenanceRV Camping Flushing Toilet Paper Experiment Results

RV Camping Flushing Toilet Paper Experiment Results

This RV camping flushing toilet paper experiment shares results that are extremely important to know that not all toilet papers are equal and that depending on which one you chose can be the difference between a smooth working black water tank and one that continuously is getting clogged.

RV Camping Flushing Toilet Paper Experiment Results

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If you were not aware how the small, built in toilet works that is often included with commercially made camper trailers, it is almost always connected to a black water tank. This tank is in turn connected to a discharge connection that allows it to be easily hooked up to an external sewage connection.

This quick connection makes is possible to use the utility hookups at RV parks and certain campsites. The collection tanks are not that large and can get clogged up depending on the type of toilet paper that is flushed into them.

This article is filled valuable information that is being shared in hopes to help as many people as possible.

Benefits of reading the What to Flush (in a camper) Article

● The article describes how important it is not to use toilet paper that does not breakdown quickly

● It includes an easy to follow experiment that makes it possible to test your brand of toilet paper

● It has several full color pictures that help to depict some of the steps of the experiment

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