CanningSalsa Verde To Freeze Or Can

Salsa Verde To Freeze Or Can

I love green salsa verde and use it when I make enchiladas because we like them made with the green sauce better than the red. You can buy enchilada sauce in the can but it is pretty expensive. If you put up this salsa verde you can use it later as salsa for pretty much anything like as dip, or toppings. it is delicious spooned over burritos and I use it when I make enchiladas although I thicken it with a little corn starch first so it has a little staying power. If it’s too thin it doesn’t coat the tortillas as well. I like this recipe from The Yummy Life and it is perfect.

The only thing I change is to add 3 more japeños in place of one of the bigger peppers because we like to kick up the heat a bit. If you prefer it milder then the recipe is absolutely perfect just the way it is. I love that the salsa can be frozen or canned because sometimes the garden just isn’t producing enough to spend time canning it and so small batches I can freeze and use first leaving any that I do can for winter time use.

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