HomesteadingSave Money On Name Brand Gently Used Clothing While Helping Schools

Save Money On Name Brand Gently Used Clothing While Helping Schools

I buy clothing from Schoola sometimes for my grand children because I know that the clothing is gently used and that 40% of what I spend will go to schools to help our kids. I thought I would share this great site today because I got half off the already super low prices by entering the code HALFOFF at check out. I was alerted to this sale through their email which I had signed up for so I am not sure the half off will work for everyone but it might. The prices are super low any way but a sale always helps. I just snagged a London Fog Coat, 2 long sleeve shirts and a pair of Nikes for one of my grand sons and with the half off I got all of this with free shipping for 32.95. Plus my purchase raised $13.18  that went to 4 schools for programs like art, music, physical education and field trips. This to me is a win win. But there is still another way to use the program. If you have gently used clothing for kids and women you can go to the Schoola website and request a free bag to donate clothing in and they will send you the bag and pay for the shipping, such an awesome way to help kids when you are cleaning out the closets. For any teachers or other school personnel, you can help your students have a clothing drive with Schoola too. I think this is one of the greatest programs and that is why I decided to share with you all, today while you can check them out for HALFOFF. You just can’t beat the prices. They are all ready really great but half off makes them totally awesome. If you have kids to clothe check Schoola out. Times are tough for a lot of folks and this is a great way to buy nice clothing while still being able to buy groceries and help kids at school. So if you need to buy or just want to donate gently used items, it will help schools and yourwallet.



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From the Schoola website:

How Schoola Works

Our Unique Fundraising Solution Turns Quality Clothing into Money for Your School

Looking for a fundraising idea that is easy, green, and doesn’t require students to be salespeople? Over 300,000 families nationwide have discovered Schoola’s unique solution that has been praised as an “amazing mash-up of community building, upcycling and commerce.”

  • Parents love it because they can donate gently used kids and women’s clothing by mail from home with free shipping, or participate in a school-wide clothing drive – either allows them to clean out their closet for the benefit of their school.

  • Kids love it because they can track their school’s fundraising progress on their school page, and it funds programs at schools that have seen severe budget cuts, such as art, music, field trips and P.E.

If you’re considering other fundraising ideas, look no further! Start today by requesting a postage-paid donation bag, or book a school-wide clothing drive online today. Any school in the contiguous United States can participate – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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