RecipesSavory Sweet Chocolate Pasta Recipe

Savory Sweet Chocolate Pasta Recipe

Savory sweet chocolate pasta recipe is a delicious culinary adventurous that can be a meal or a dessert.   Chocolate pasta is not sweet, but its chocolate flavor is pronounced. Chocolate pasta can be used in a sweet dessert recipe, much to the delight of everyone.

As quoted by Cathi Iannone from The Brooklyn Ragazza blog “This savory chocolate pasta, I was told by a chef in Montalcino, Tuscany, is best served with a cream sauce..preferable an alfredo-type sauce, with extra Pecorino Romano for topping. I know that it is instinctual to think of a sweet preparation with a chocolate pasta, but trust me, a savory dish with a creamy, cheese sauce works just beautifully! In fact, cheese and chocolate is paired together quite harmoniously in Italy.” Cathi actually created this recipe that won 1st place in Instructable pasta contest.

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Savory Chocolate Pasta Recipe
Savory Chocolate Pasta Recipe

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