Vehicle MaintenanceSchool Bus Conversion into Tiny House Tour

School Bus Conversion into Tiny House Tour

This school bus conversion into tiny house tour may inspire you to find, renovated and explore the open road in a customized cozy bus. This rolling home for full time (Rv-type) living for people who like to wander and embrace travel.

This bus, a 2001 GMC BlueBird, was bought for refurbishment in 2014-2015 at the simple cost of $5500. It took months of planning to the tiniest detail before the interior was rebuilt. For a vehicle that has 200 sq. ft., it’s quite an achievement and has traveled across the country for people to see with amusement. It’s a good alternative to the complicated RV.

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The refurbishment of the bus starts at the front, with a new seat cover, book shelves on the top, and light switches that use 12-volt LED lighting.

For the driver, a fan and dash cam helps them be cool and safe when driving. Next, heading into the center of the bus features wooden flooring and plenty of space maximized. The living room section has many things, such as a comfy couch with a combined storage unit underneath. Opposite of that is an open table to eat and drink from which can be folded down to make even more room. On both sides, there are outlets to use and curtains to pull down.

School Bus Conversion into Tiny House Tour
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Going to the back, the kitchen area is very much bright and bold. It includes an electric RV fridge, two-burner propane stove, and a six-gallon water heater. A functioning sink, toaster oven, and pantry are also built in. Across from that is the bus’ “office,” with two computers powered by solar energy. With its wooden countertop, there is also room to eat there as well. Going to the back, there is the bedroom, which looks a tad claustrophobic because the mattress fills the entire space.

Another bookshelf hangs above it, as well as the emergency exit. Besides the bed are shelves to place clothing. The bathroom in the corner has a small toilet and even a smaller shower. Finally, there is the garage, which is a tall trunk big enough to hang bikes, backpacks, and other bulky things.

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