CraftsScience Experiment of Coloring Easter Eggs

Science Experiment of Coloring Easter Eggs

This interesting method of how to dye Easter eggs is not only creative but actually a fun science experiment. Using vegetables, spices and flowers adds a variety of colors in different intensities which depend on soaking time and acidic solutions.

 Science Experiment of Coloring Easter Eggs

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Why Add Vinegar to Egg Dye? (Here is the science part of dyed eggs)

Most instructions for dyeing an egg say to add vinegar to the dye mixture, but why? When an egg is soaked in an acidic mixture, two things happen. First, the eggshell reacts with the acid and produces carbon dioxide gas. (That’s why bubbles form on the surface of the eggshell while it soaks.) The shell then starts to dissolve, which increases the surface area of the egg and exposes more of the egg to the dye.

Second, proteins in the thin layer of the eggshell’s cuticle react with the acid. The proteins become protonated which means that more positive charges collect on the shell’s surface. Those positive charges easily bind to the dye molecules, which are negatively charged (opposites attract!), and the dye sticks to the egg surface.

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Here is a quick preview:

Pink – Grated Beets

Orange – Yellow Onions Skins

Yellow – Turmeric

Blue/Green – Purple Cabbage

Purple – Beet Kvass

Brown – Instant Coffee

Deep Dark Green – Dill Seeds and Red Onion Skins

If your eggs are hollow, you will have to use something to weigh them down. We suggest using another disposable cup with a little bit of water in it and setting it down on top of the hollowed egg. If your eggs hard-boiled, they will sink by themselves.

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