CraftsSea Glass Earrings Jewelry Made the Simple Way

Sea Glass Earrings Jewelry Made the Simple Way

Sea Glass Earrings Jewelry Made the Simple Way is the easiest way to make beautiful jewelry for yourself, friends and family. Do you need some new and nature inspired earrings?

In this article, we will tell you the sure-fire way to transform wave-worn leftovers such as sea-glass into gorgeous earrings. For this experiment, you will need sea-glass shards, safety glasses, plastic container of water, pencil, earring wires, No. 61 drill bit (you can purchase from Metalliferous) and a craft drill such as Dremel Stylus rotary tool kit which is easily found here (click here)

Sea Glass Earrings Jewelry Made the Simple Way - Craft - Homesteading

This handmade jewelry is such a gift from nature, sea glass is tumbled with ocean waves and sand to randomly form its shape for jewelry making.

While doing this experiment, keep in mind that the sea-glass pieces need to be of the same size and color. You would also need to have thinner pieces of sea-glass as they are easier to drill into. Once done, follow these steps to create your own beautiful earrings:

1. Fill a plastic container with a small quantity of water. In this container, place a piece of sea-glass. The water in the container should be enough to slight cover the shard, rather than submerging it. The main reason for doing this is that drilling in water would be easier and will guard against cracking of the piece of sea glass. It will also ensure that the shard’s temperature does not get too hot.

2. Next, wear your safety glasses and hold the piece of sea glass with the pencil’s eraser end. Then, using craft drill, fitted with No. 61 diamond bit, make a hole in the glass. However, it make take a few tries to completely drill through the glass globe.

3. Lastly, slip these smooth waved tumbled glass globes into earring wires.

Remember, the pieces of sea glass do not have to be the same shape or even color….. find beauty in the randomness.

Rectangle Drilled Light Aqua Blue Sea Glass – (Click Here) 

Teardrop Blue Sea Glass – (Click Here)

Emerald Green Sea Glass Rectangle – (Click Here) 


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Melissa Francis
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