GardeningSelf Watering Recycled Pot for Growing Herbs Flowers

Self Watering Recycled Pot for Growing Herbs Flowers

How to Make a Self Watering Recycled Pot for Growing Herbs and Flowers in this step by step tutorial that uses empty plastic 2 liter soda pop bottles.

Self Watering Recycled Pot for Growing Herbs Flowers

Get the following things: a 2-liter soda bottle and cap, newspaper, cotton string, a knife, a drill, and some decorative paper. First, drill holes in the cap – small ones along the edges and one big one in the center – as a drain and to put the cotton string through, which will draw the water up into the soil. As the soil and roots absorb water, the string will shoot the water back into the soil from the base under. Cut three equal pieces of string 15 inches long and bind them in a knot about 3 inches from the bottom.

Through the cap, stick the three pieces of cotton string through the hole in the cap’s center and pull them for the knot sits on the hole inside the cap. The shorter ends will hang in the water, while the longer ends will go in the soil. Next, draw a line on the soda bottle and cut through the middle; one is the cup and one is the basin. When the cup is upside down and put inside the bottom half of the bottle, don’t have it touch the bottom, as there has to be 2 inches of room for the strangle to hang in the water without the cap touching it.

For the cup, stick pieces of newspaper in it as a shield and make a hole at the bottom. Put the cotton through the new hole and screw the cap on.Add soil and water and let it drain. Make sure there is water in the basin for the string to get into. Plant any seeds desired. Every few weeks, remove the cup, water the soil, and rinse off the string.

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