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Send The Gophers Packing

If gophers are driving you crazy there are things you can do to send them packing. If you try to make them leave and that doesn’t work, unfortunately you may need to resort to poisoning them. The only good thing about doing that is they die underground so you won’t have to deal with the carcass. So first of all we will look at an article from HGTV who offers suggestions from trapping to flooding and poisoning. They seem to have great luck with a castor oil granules. It seems that gophers and even mole and armadillos can’t stand the smell and will leave. This would be the most humane way to send them packing.

You will want them gone if they show up because they will make mounds all over which makes it hard to mow and they eat plants so they will eat your yard, garden and flower beds if left on your place.  If the granules don’t work for you and you are done playing around then you will want to poison them and I am including a great video that shows you how to do it The Lazy Mans Way by JoeShmoe65x2. So if you have gophers or moles around your place don’t fall for the chewing gum tip or other things that don’t work. The longer it takes you to get rid of them the more damage they are going to be doing.


See the instructions >>>>>   Send The Gophers Packing


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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