WaterSet Up Homesteading Rainwater Barrel Project

Set Up Homesteading Rainwater Barrel Project

This tutorial of how to set up a homesteading rainwater barrel project is simple to make and allows a homesteader to use mother nature’s gift from the sky for a later date when the ground is dry.

Set Up Homesteading Rainwater Barrel Project

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Today we are going to discover how to conserve water to save money in an easy and fashionable way. The leading object to do that is using a rail barrel, a large, hard plastic container that can hold between 50 to 100 gallons of water. The rain barrel is connected to a downspout, the pipe that usually leads rainwater from the side and roof of your house and onto the ground or into the storm water drainage under the street.

The barrel should be placed outside beside your house where the downspout is. With the collected rainwater, it can be sprayed with a hose that can be connected to the barrel around your garden, lawn, small and houseplants.

The article cites on using a water barrel and its advantages, especially if living in an urban area. One advantage it says that it reduces the water bill. For those who are organic with their gardening, they can use the rainwater for their plants; city water is treated with chemicals like chlorine, which can harm the plants.

In the community, if neighbors combine together to use rain barrels, it can reduce the monthly household water bill.

The best way to keep the storm water clean is to just simply use it constantly so the water is being cycled continuously. Rain barrels can have filters installed; otherwise, it can be installed to keep things away from infecting it. One thing that cannot be used with it is drinking it because it is not clean.

In the winter, disconnect the tube from the barrel.

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Melissa Francis
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