Garden BedsSetting Up The Earth Box Container Gardening System

Setting Up The Earth Box Container Gardening System

If you want to raise a few vegetables but don’t have ground space or maybe you really don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into gardening. But would still like to have some fresh veggies in the summer. You might really like the Earth Box, it is a pretty neat way of growing fresh vegetables with almost no effort. Once the system is set up which takes maybe a half hour all you need to do after that is add water. The fertilizer and everything the plant needs is put in when you set it up and there is a cover so you never get any weeds.

Because you add fertilizer you can grow a decent amount of plants in it. Depending on how big the plant will get you could grow anywhere from 4 to 12 plants in a box. Painted Ravensong shows how to set up the box and then plants some okra seeds and in only 4 days they already have 2 leaves,. The water is always wicking into the potting mix so the bed stays just right and the cover on the box is black so the soil stay nice and warm from the sun.



This is a totally perfect way to grow a few vegetables for your table in very little space and with almost no work. Perfect for decks or balconies. So if you are not into full time gardening you could have two or three of these boxes and at least grow your own salads all summer, and if you added one or two more you could have strawberries for dessert all through strawberry season as well. The systems are reusable so you can just set them up next spring and have your veggies all summer again.


 See the video>>>>>>      Setting Up The Earth Box Container Gardening System

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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