Emergency PreparednessSeven Super Clever Uses for Paracord

Seven Super Clever Uses for Paracord

Seven Super Clever Uses for Paracord helps inspire homesteaders to think of paracord like a tool instead of just thin strong rope. Here are seven ways to get you started.

Seven Super Clever Uses for Paracord - The Homestead Survival - Emergency Preparedness - Homesteading

One, use it as a survivor bola. Cut three 3-foot pieces and tie the ends. For every cord, tie them with a pouch of stones to keep the weight down.

Second, use it to hold still your shooting hand when hunting from a tree. Tie the cord to a rail and toss it over a tree limb; make sliding loop with the help of a taut line and change the height of the knot by threading the end through the loop.

Third, it can be a strap around your neck or waist to collect goose or duck. Double ten feet of cord twice and make an overhand knot in the middle. Cut the loops, tie a taut line hitch at all end strands, and that will hold each catch.

Fourth, it can be a trout line over a river. Remove the inner cords and suspend the sheath over the stream by tying the rope to a tree. Then, tie fishing hooks to the inner cords’ ends and make droplines into the water.

Fifth, cut some cheese with a foot long section of cord; it’s as strong as knife.

Sixth, it can be a field wrench. Wrap the cord tightly around the nut with a long end to pull on. Grasp firmly, pull, and the bolt will come loose.

Seventh and finally, it can be a cord cutter. Tie the strand that to two points with some slack left. Take a second strand and use it to cut the suspended cord. The friction will cut through the cord in time.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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