NeedlecraftSew A 4 Ply Denim Cast Iron Skillet Pot Holder

Sew A 4 Ply Denim Cast Iron Skillet Pot Holder

If you use cast iron at your house then you already know that you can not touch it while you are using it, well not if you like your fingers without blisters anyway. So if you are like me and spend more time chasing your pot holders around the kitchen when you are cooking in your favorite iron skillet, you can stop chasing now. Follow this tutorial and sew a 4 ply denim pot holder that fits the handle of your skillet perfectly. You can use old jeans for the material and make one of these pot holders for each skillet or if all of your skillets have the same shape and size of handles then you could quit after making one.


My Byrd House shares the tutorial and says, ” I have singed a good many darling hot pads in the process.
Well here is my solution and a very clever on at that (not my idea but my version of it.)
I decided to make a skillet handle pot holder. This stays on the handle while I am cooking. I don’t recommend walking off and leaving it unattended but you shouldn’t leave a hot pot unattended anyway. :o)” I agree with her on the singing part, my poor pot holders look like they have been to war and back. I think most everyone has some old jeans that no longer fit or that have worn out, if not you can find them at thrift stores for very little.  Denim is pretty sturdy and I think with this many layers your fingers would be protected. I think I will make some. I might even make a couple of regular pot holders since I will be cutting the jeans and sewing. Three or four layers of denim should make a pretty good pot holder, and denim can be washed over and over.


See the tutorial>>>>.    Sew A 4 Ply Denim Cast Iron Skillet Pot Holder


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