Sew a Chicken Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase

This step by step tutorial of how to sew a chicken egg gathering apron from a pillowcase is a great homesteading sewing project that is extremely useful while collecting eggs from the chicken coop.

Do you have a favorite vintage pillowcase of a design you adore and would like to sew it into a functional item you could enjoy seeing it daily ? I do! I am so excited about creating this do it yourself sewing project that does not need a high level of skill. It is actually really simple! This is a nice way to repurpose and old or mismatched pillow case while making something useful. I think it would even work for holding your clothespins while you pin the laundry to the clothes line.

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Sew a Chicken Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase

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Have you ever went to the chicken coop thinking you will only have a few eggs to gather but end up carrying them in your shirt hoping none will drop while showing off your belly button ? Yep, me too. This apron will save you the embarrassment of baring the belly. LOL !

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