NeedlecraftSew A Hammock For Doggie Car Rides

Sew A Hammock For Doggie Car Rides

If your dog or dogs ride in the car with you then you already know things can get dirty and hairy pretty quick. With these instructions you can sew a hammock for the back seat and catch all that hair and dirt on the hammock that can then be taken out and shaken or washed. The hammock will also keep you pet from being throw all around the seat and floor. This one pictured was kind of pricey  after the material was purchased new but I think you could use sheets or blankets from the thrift store to make one and save quite a bit.

Now if you want a certain pattern or color you may be willing to pay for new materials to get what you really want. Either way you will make it the same way. Hailey Footer shares the instructions for making this. One of the things that I would like about this is that I don’t think smaller dogs could jump into the front seat so they would have less chance of getting hurt by being thrown into the floor or dash. Neat way to keep the car clean and the pup safer and still take the to the park.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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