SewingSew a Simple Yet Stunning Ruffle Salsa Skirt

Sew a Simple Yet Stunning Ruffle Salsa Skirt

This tutorial of how to sew a simple yet stunning ruffle salsa skirt by turning that old simple pencil skirt into a hot looking Salsa Skirt that is sure to turn heads.

Sew a Simple Yet Stunning Ruffle Salsa Skirt

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With the high cost of new clothes these days it is extremely difficult for many people to keep up with the latest fashions. These often means having to either get by on old style clothes or figure out unique ways to make alterations to their current wardrobe. With pattern anyone can turn a simple pencil type skirt and create a completely different one with just a few simple changes.

I literally get giddy with happiness when I find a truly beginner level sewing project that only takes the most basic of skills to accomplish. You could sew from scratch or take an already constructed skirt and just add rows of ruffles.

This pattern is perfect for those women who are looking to update part of their wardrobe without having spend a whole lot of money. The pattern describes all of the things you will need to have on hand so you can get started. Everything can easily be gotten at a local fabric store and only require a minimal amount of sewing skills.

Benefits of reading and following the Salsa Skirt – Summer of Skirts Pattern

● Use it to make some updates to your aging wardrobe and save some money in the process

● The pattern describes all of the materials, supplies and tools/equipment needed to have on hand

● The pattern also has a complete, easy to follow step by step instruction guide included

● You will find several full color pictures that help to give a good visual of how to do it

It really makes you see the world of yard sales and thrift stores differently. Why buy clothes new at high prices when you can make/refashion them for pennies on the dollar ?

Click here to read about how to sew a simple yet stunning ruffle salsa skirt:

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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