SewingSew Your Baby Rag Quilt Blanket

Sew Your Baby Rag Quilt Blanket

For anyone with a baby or expecting a baby learn how you can sew your baby a rag quilt blanket. Even if you don’t have one you could make this as an awesome baby shower or baby gift.

Sew Your Baby a Rag Quilt Blanket

This is made on a sewing machine and would be a lot easier than sewing it together by hand. As stated by the author it is also very forgiving and a little mistake here and there won’t even really be visible.  While this is not meant to go into a crib with the baby it can be used to cover them when you take them out or even for them to lay on in the floor. Adding all different textures of material to the quilt would make it very interesting to baby. I love how the author tells us that making these became a tradition in her church. Each time a member of the church had a baby the ladies would make a rag quilt for the new born. I love that sense of community and giving. So many folks now days are shut off from each other, mostly by gadgets.

Sometimes when we go out for a meal I see single parents out with their children and it is like the kids are eating alone because the parent will spend the entire meal time on texting and not even speak to the children. This saddens my heart so much.  I guess that is why I feel so good about these ladies are doing. Anything that brings people together, especially when it involve children is a good thing. The tutorial from the rag quilt blanket is from I Can Teach My Child.  If you are more into crochet than sewing then you might like to make this  Homemade Sweet As Honey Crochet Baby Blanket and Hat Set.

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Paige Raymond
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