SewingHow to Sew Easy Draped Circle Top Craft Project

How to Sew Easy Draped Circle Top Craft Project

How to Sew Easy Draped Circle Top Craft Project is a quick and frugal way to add to your wardrobe for pennies on the dollar.

How to Sew Easy Draped Circle Top Craft Project

Get a 1.5 yards of a cloth, or jersey, some thread, a pair of scissors, tape measure, a workable sewing machine, and a used t-shirt that fits perfectly while being stretchable.

First, fold the jersey in half to have a rectangle that’s 60″ x 27.” Look at how long the top should be and cutwhatever size of the jersey piece off the bottom end the fold. Also, choose how long the sleeves should be and cut off an extra piece of fabric from the side. Next, on the opposite end of the fold, cut/curve the corner of the piece, fold the fabric in half, and copy the curve on that end. Unfold and even out the half circle.

Now, fold the semicircle again into a quarter-size and cut out a hole where the neck is, where the front should be deeper than the back. Take the shirt and center it on the circle; measure two-inches from the side and mark it with a pin and do the same with the other side. After that, measure the armpit’s circumferenceand follow the rule of thumb, divide by 2, and add 3.Line the pins up, measure 9-inhces down from the shoulder, and mark with another pin. Then, line up again with more pins, sew from the bottom up, and finishnine inches from the top. Do the same on the other side.

Add a neckband by cutting a strip of fabric two inches shorter than the circumference of your neck’s hole, sew up the ends, and fold it in half to make a double layer tube. Simply stretch it to fit the neckhole, and then pin and sew the edges and right sides together.

Just like that, the draped circle top is made.

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Melissa Francis
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