SewingSew Homemade Simple Colorful Pillowcases

Sew Homemade Simple Colorful Pillowcases

This step by step tutorial of how to sew homemade simple colorful pillowcases is a great beginner skill level project that adds a splash of color to your bedroom. Sewing projects are some of the coolest crafts you can ever complete….adult and children alike.

There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a sewing machine, some fabric, and thread. We can fashion almost anything for ourselves or our homes and so much more. Clothes, tablecloths, curtains, even place mats are fair game for the most beginning of sewers. As we all learn, so too is it with sewing. Trial and error when it comes to getting the right seam lengths or even just straight ones. Getting the machine even tuned up and going just the way we want. Finding the right tempo with our foot on the sewing pedal can be one of the hardest parts of using a new machine or just starting out altogether. Though if we want to sew, it’s something we’ll need to learn. It’s just a matter of practice.

Finding flat sheets on clearance, at yard sales and even thrift stores is a great way to frugally find a cheap source of material.
Sew Homemade Simple Colorful Pillowcases

So as we get that practice and gain more comfort with our machines, we’ll find ourselves ready for the project below. What’s more fun than making pillowcases especially when we want to get some extra practice in while playing with different colors and patterns.

The easy design is perfect for beginners to the advanced just wanting to brush up on the basics. Whatever your reasons, you’ll just love these pillowcases from start to finish. They’re inexpensive and fun to make. All you need is 4 yards of fabric and some corresponding thread and you’re ready to go.

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