SewingSew Pregnancy Contoured Maternity Body Pillow

Sew Pregnancy Contoured Maternity Body Pillow

This Sew Pregnancy Contoured Maternity Body Pillow craft project is one of the most needed tools that can help with discomfort during sleeping. It gets increasingly difficult to sleep in one position as you get along in your pregnancy.

Sew Pregnancy Contoured Maternity Body Pillow

The pregnancy pillows on the market although expensive, may not be suitable or comfortable. Here is how to make the best pregnancy contoured pillow in 5 steps.

* You will need the following materials to make the contoured pattern pillow:

two) 50-inch (or 54-inch for the tall pattern!) x 30-inch pieces of fabric A

(six) 3-inch x 40-inch (44-inch for tall!) strips of coordinating fabric B (optional – to give it a little more height)

(two) 2-inch x 25-inch strips of fabric B (optional)

(one) 24-inch (+/-) zipper (optional)

stuffing (you can use the stuffing from 4 “huge” pillows to make a VERY firm pillow – ripping open pillows is usually cheaper than buying bags of stuffing!)

* Step 1: Cut Out the Contoured Pattern

• Spread the 50-inches x 30-inches fabrics on the floor.

• Fold them into quarters with all the corners meeting.

• Using a bowl, round the edges of both fabrics.

• Unfold the fabrics and then fold them in half.

• From one side of the fabric, cut straight down to the middle.

• Then carefully cut the contoured pattern out of the middle area. Now you have 2 contoured fabrics.

For the remaining steps, just pop over and finish the project.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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