ChickensShould Homesteaders Wash Their Chicken Eggs

Should Homesteaders Wash Their Chicken Eggs

Should homesteaders wash their chicken eggs, is the question.

Many people think about becoming a completely self sustaining unit, but don’t know where to start. Harvesting eggs is a great place to begin.

Should Homesteaders Wash Their Chicken Eggs

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Harvesting fresh eggs is no doubt one of the best things that a person who wants to become self-sufficient can get started on. It is easy and the cost of getting started is very low. There is not that much time involved and the cost savings for the right household can be staggering.

We want to welcome you and help you get started on your journey. We are here to help and we are even here to learn a thing or two from our readers.

There is no reason that you should put off getting started a minute longer. The information that you need is right here and the journey is ready to start. You can start with only a few hens or go crazy and try to start your own little poultry farm. Whatever your desire, we have the information that can put you on your way to success.

Let us be the one that helps you get started and we can share the brighter future that everyone here is striving for.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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