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Should I Change The Air Filter Myself or Call a Specialist?

We all want the air in our house to be as clean and pure as possible and the way that happens is via the air filter in the HVAC system. It removes particulates like bacteria, pollutants, dust, and more from the air. That provides a healthy environment for everyone, but especially for vulnerable people like young children, the elderly, people with respiratory problems like asthma, and people with compromised immune systems.

So the air filter is a vital part of any home with an AC system, but as with any object or device that is meant to keep things clean, it will eventually get dirty. When an air filter gets too dirty, that can reduce its effectiveness, which means that it won’t remove as many particulates from the air as before. That could cause harm to everyone in the home.

So what are the solutions? Some air filters can be cleaned but others may have to be replaced. That brings up another question, which is, should you clean or replace the air filter yourself or call a professional to do it for you? Fortunately, doing either one is pretty simple, but if you decide to change the air filter, then you can get a brand new replacement from They have a comprehensive selection of air filters and are sure to have the one you need.

Should I Clean Or Replace My Air Filter?

Once you find your air filter by removing the access panel of your AC unit you will immediately know whether you have a washable air filter or a disposable one. Washable air filters are typically made of metal while replaceable filters are usually made of cardboard. You can replace washable filters as well but that is rarely ever necessary. In addition to finding out whether your air filter is disposable or not, you will also find out if it needs to be cleaned or replaced because the dust and pollutant build up will be clearly visible. If you have a disposable filter, then it will need to be replaced. Fortunately, this is a simple process that you can do by yourself, no specialist needed.

How To Replace Your Air Filter

If you need to change your air filter, then the first thing you should do is find a replacement for it. You need to take out your current air filter and find out its dimensions so that you can get a replacement with identical measurements. As you are exploring your options you should pay attention to the MERV rating of your replacement filter.

MERV means minimum efficiency reporting value and is a measure of an air filter’s effectiveness at trapping dust, bacteria, pollutants, and other particulates. MERV ratings range from one to sixteen with the higher ratings being more effective. A MERV rating of seven to twelve is appropriate for most residential homes so you should make sure that your replacement filter is in that range. You can find a wide variety of filters in various dimensions and MERV ratings at

Once you have your new filter, simply turn off your HVAC unit and then take the old filter out of your AC unit by removing the access panel. Insert the new filter according to the instructions because the air filter must face the right way in order to work properly. If you install it backwards, then it won’t be as effective. You can tell which way the filter should be inserted because there will be an arrow on the side that indicates the air flow. Once the new filter has been installed, close up the access panel and turn the HVAC unit back on again. You’re done! And the whole process should take you no more than five minutes, no specialist needed.

Change Your Air Filter On a Regular Basis

As stated earlier, an air filter will not work as intended if it is clogged and dirty, which is why it needs to be replaced regularly. You can tell when an air filter needs to be replaced by taking a look at it every few weeks since the dust and grime build-up will be obvious. Most air filters will also have instructions on how long they will last so make a mental or physical note of when yours is likely to expire so that you can get a replacement beforehand. When it is time to replace your filter, you won’t have any problems since doing so is even easier than changing a light bulb.


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Bryan Thomas
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