SHTF Medical Advice From a Survivor of the Balkan War


In case of emergency or natural disaster, preparing to be self-efficient is a sole obsession of those who believe that the end is near. However, prepping as it’s known among the devotees has gone mainstream.

In fact, many stores are offering emergency survival kits that contain SHTF foods and medicines. All of these are available at competitive prices and more and more people are getting interested to buy such items.
Prepping is having necessities on hand just to survive for a particular period of time. This means storing extra water, radios, blankets, flashlights, and foods in case disaster strikes, whether it is a flood, power outage or some types of emergency. It’s usual to prepare for this.

But, what if you have a serious health condition, how can you prepare for this? What are the things you should do?
When apocalypse comes or worse happens, you can never be sure that there will still be a medical system for all your healthcare needs. At The Organic Prepper, you will find out the reality of SHTF medicine and the ways to prep for when medical systems are gone.

Although some things may be taken care with basic knowledge, but serious health conditions will require more advanced medical attention. So, find out more by reading at The Organic Prepper.