PetsSigns Of and First Aid For Canine Heatstroke

Signs Of and First Aid For Canine Heatstroke

If you have a dog or dogs, do you know the signs to watch for to know if your canine buddy is suffering from heatstroke and if so how to administer first aid to help him? If not read on and in this article  you will soon know what heatstroke in a dog looks like and what to do to help. Whether it is your own dog or a dog someone has left in a car on a hot day.

Signs Of and First Aid For Canine Heatstroke

We have been having some super high temperature days this summer as I am sure many of you have had. In our area we don’t usually have temps this high but for a dog wearing a fur coat it doesn’t take a lot of high temperatures to make them become overheated. Just running after a ball or going for a long walk when it is very warm out can really affect them.

They can take off their fur and they don’t perspire so the heat just keeps building. Also according to the article some dogs are more prone to heatstroke so you might want to read to see if your fur buddy is one of them. This informative article is from Shopus Furbo.

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Paige Raymond
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