DIY ProjectsSimple Frugal Wood Pallet Goat Shelter DIY Project

Simple Frugal Wood Pallet Goat Shelter DIY Project

This Simple Frugal Wood Pallet Goat Shelter DIY Project is an affordable yet sturdy goat shelter that would withstand the weather conditions. You can even add addition material to make it more weatherproof with inexpensive materials.

Simple Frugal Wood Pallet Goat Shelter DIY Project

To build a goat shelter you need to find the right sized pallets. Then lay them out and put them all close together. Then make sure that the nails on all the boards are removed. Then screw all the boards back on. See there are no cracks. Add other boards from other pallets to make a solid wall. The wind and snow will not blow through them if placed side by side.

To hold the roof securely, add three boards. Then use smaller boards to screw the roof on to these. Along the bottom of the last pallet add a few boards so that the roof is screwed down well enough.

Then put the board across the front and tie it up to give it strength. This pallet frame will be made without much effort or cost but to make the roof you need to put in enough effort.

The roof should be slanted so that the snow slides off and there is no room for a collection of snow in the winter.

Whatever the effort put in making this home for the goats it was really worth it. It will be strong and it will also stand up the moisture and the weather too. The pallets used for the sides are usually 4 feet but for the front enclosure, you can use a 5 ft. pallet. The goats will feel secure in this enclosure, the double sized pallet goat shelter, for sure.

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