RecipesSimple Homemade Delicious Corn Tortillas Recipe

Simple Homemade Delicious Corn Tortillas Recipe

This simple homemade delicious corn tortillas recipe can be made from common frugal kitchen pantry food staples. The corn tortilla is one of the most commonly used part of so many of today’s popular types of foods; Tex-Mex. They are typically used similarly to the way bread is used in sandwiches.
Simple Homemade Delicious Corn Tortillas Recipe

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Many of your more authentic restaurants often make their own corn tortillas daily to ensure that they are the freshest for each and every customer. Depending on the recipe they use will determine how they will end up tasting.

Ingredients and tools needed:

A bag of instant corn masa – Instant Corn Masa Mix,4.84 LB



Wax paper

A tortilla press (or a rolling pin)- Victoria 85008 Cast Iron Tortilla Press, 8-Inch

A skillet or griddle – Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle

Benefits of using the Homemade Corn Tortilla Are Easier Than You Think Article

● Use it to make your own great tasting tacos and other Tex-Mex meals

● Includes a complete list of all of the ingredients that you will need to prepare them

● Also has an easy to follow step by step instruction guide that will make it simple for you

● Includes several full color photos depicting different stages of the preparation

Chances are you probably already have most the ingredients in your pantry or refrigerator. The recipe can be altered to suit any especially dietary needs for your family.

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