DIY ProjectsSimple Homemade Dollhouse Bookcase DIY Project

Simple Homemade Dollhouse Bookcase DIY Project

This how to build a simple homemade dollhouse bookcase diy project is detailed in a step by step tutorial for the inspired homesteading parent. What little girl who is growing up would not love to have her very own bookshelf that reminds her of one of her most favorite toys that she played with while growing up.

Simple Homemade Dollhouse Bookcase DIY Project

Do It Yourself projects are a perfect choice, imagine how proud she will be when she sees that you made it all for her. These projects are usually very easy to follow and include all of the information you need and all you have to supply is the labor, materials and tools.

Benefits of the Dollhouse Bookcase

● Makes the perfect bookcase for the young girl in your family

● The project includes a list of all the necessary materials and tools

● It includes an easy to follow, detailed step by step instruction guide for the project

● Includes numerous full-color pictures and diagrams that depict different steps of the project

Sometimes building a bookshelf to fit your needs is better than wandering through a furniture stores. They are lined with many bookshelves that range in size and shapes from a single shelf that mounts on a wall to a floor to ceiling massive 7 shelves mega bookshelf. Unfortunately, all of these options may not be the right choice when it comes to decorating your little princess’s room.

If you want to bypass building this dollhouse bookcase – you can buy it here:

KidKraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase  (<—- Click here to buy)

Click here to read about how to build a simple homemade dollhouse bookcase diy project:

Here is a link for a video where you can see the kids painting it and how it looks in their room.

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Melissa Francis
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