GardeningSimple Seed Germination Test for Gardening

Simple Seed Germination Test for Gardening

This amazingly simple seed germination test for gardening will help you quickly determine if a seed is still viable (alive). You may have a collections old seeds from past growing seasons that may or have not been stored properly. Taking the time to do a simple germination test is always time well spent. If you plant dead seeds, you will lose weeks of your growing season till you finally figure that the seed will not grow. You will have to replant and it will delay your harvest time.

If the germination rate is low from your batch of seeds but still vigorous, you can plant them just sow extra seeds to get a good amount of plants.

Simple Seed Germination Test for Gardening
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Seed is best stored through the winter at 50 degrees with 50 percent humidity. Another good way to store unused seed packets is to place seeds in a sealed jar with a desiccant or powdered milk at the bottom to absorb moisture. Store the jar in a cool room or refrigerator over the winter.

The percentage of seed germinating in the towel will give you a fairly good idea how the same seed will do in the garden.


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