CompostingSimple Ways to Reduce your Daily Waste

Simple Ways to Reduce your Daily Waste

Each year tons of trash get dumped into the ocean or pile up in the landfills. We all saw the negative impact this has on the environment, animals, and humans. Even though it looks like a tragedy, simple acts of love from every individual towards nature will RESONATE. This doesn’t mean to go into a ZERO WASTE lifestyle all at once; after all we all started somewhere. So here are some easy breezy ways to get you started.

1. Rethink

Take a deep breath; sit back with your coffee and think of what are the things that you throw away the most. Depending on your lifestyle the answer will vary. It can be plastic water bottles, coffee cups, menstrual pads, junk food wraps… As a rule of thumb avoid any single use items and get your own alternative that can last you years and save you money.

2. Compost

Instead of throwing kitchen waste and organic material into the garbage and adding more of solid waste in the landfills, we can simply compost them. Starting a compost system at your home is not only easy, but also serves as a great soil fertilizer. Another way is to check with your local community and see what kind of composting program they have.

3. Reuse

Think twice before you throw something into the garbage or even the recycle bin. Most of the things DO NOT get recycled even though we have been told the opposite. Make your own DIY or donate the items you don’t need (even if they are broken or too old) to give them the chance to have a second life.

4. Keep extra bags

We have all been there; you go out shopping and ending up with a pile of plastic bags at your house. Make sure to always keep in your car or back pack some extra bags even if they are plastic. Plastic bags were first invented to avoid cutting many trees in the process of manufacturing paper bags. The moral is whatever type you prefer keep on using it while it still works.



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