Build ItSingle Moms 4000 Dollar Off Grid Home

Single Moms 4000 Dollar Off Grid Home

Single Moms 4000 Dollar Off Grid Home

This single mom built a 4000 dollar off grid home for herself and her daughter. She goes to school and didn’t want to spend all her time working to pay rent. Someone gave her a shipping container and using recycled and re-purposed materials she turned it into a tine home. She then built a bedroom onto a flat bed trailer and has more plans to build a room that will be like a Japanese tea room. She buys things from a dump and other places to build and fix up the place.

Single Moms 4000 Dollar Off Grid Home

She used a jigsaw to cut doors and windows into the container and has

added loads of windows so their home gets tons of light. She used both bubble wrap and insulation to keep the place war and dry. She has an on demand hot water heater and uses a propane stove for cooking and has a small propane heater. She says that while her daughter and her don’t have all the keeping up appearances things, they have had lots of time together that they could never have had if she had to be working to pay rent every month. For a single woman I think she has done a fantastic job of creating a home for her and her daughter. I doubt I could be as creative or as resourceful and I say Kudos to her. If you have a bug out location or a piece of hunting land or even just an off grid hideaway this would be a perfect way to have a little house on it. Fair Companies shares the story and video.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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