Emergency PreparednessSleeping Warm Outdoors Emergency Tips

Sleeping Warm Outdoors Emergency Tips

These Sleeping Warm Outdoors Emergency Tips are another essential bit of knowledge that can be a matter of life and death in a crisis situation.

Sleeping Warm Outdoors Emergency Tips

This article teaches you tips on how to sleep warm when you are outdoor. These tips are NOT only good for campers and hikers, they are also for everybody as you may find yourself in a disaster or crisis situation and you may have to sleep outdoors.

With the tips shared here, you will remain warm anywhere you are. The first tip is to always put on your fly. This is obvious. The fly is not just a sleeping enclosure, it shields you from wind, rain and snow and it retains heat to keep the occupant warm all through the night. It also helps to prevent condensation.

Another important tip is to use pads whenever you can. It is important that you sleep dry. If you wash your face before bed, you need to dry it up with a piece of cloth. If you have some hiking sweat on you, you should wash it off and dry off immediately. If your clothes are damp, change them. Moisture enhances loss of heat. Your body heat will be lost through the moisture on it. A dry sleeper is a warm sleeper.

Sleeping Warm Outdoors Emergency Tips

After drying off, you should dress warm. Wear thick clothes and cover your hand, feet and head. Make sure there is no opening on your body. It is also important to warm up your inner system by taking a hot drink. It could be a hot cup of tea or coco. This will keep you hydrated and also warms you up. Ensure you pass out the drink before you go to bed otherwise you will be forced do so in the night. Read the article for full details and ensure you share it immediately after.

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Melissa Francis
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