Emergency PreparednessSlingshot Hunting Bringing In Small Game in an Emergency

Slingshot Hunting Bringing In Small Game in an Emergency

Learn how you can go slingshot hunting,  small game and possibly have this as a survival skill if you ever need it. In some situations where you would need to hunt small game for food you may need to do it silently.


 If that were the case your 22 or shotgun would not be helpful and could get you killed by announcing your presence. A slingshot if you knew how to use it might keep you alive by killing quietly and providing food. Ready 4 It All shows you how to add this skill to your other survival skills.

Here is an example of how to make a sling. Yes, it is different than a slingshot but is another similar way to hunt.

Ready 4 It All website shares a primer for bringing in small game using a slingshot.

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Here is some addition information shared by Clever Moniker on hunting small game quoted from http://slingshotforum.com

” When it comes to wind, walk into it… If it’s behind you, the small game is going to smell your human scent, and take off.
Don’t just try and walk up to the animal. When walking up to a rabbit… take 2 steps at a time, stop… wait wait… repeat. It will be suspicious otherwise. A good idea would be to wait till he starts to eat before taking the next 2 steps, cause he will be eyeballing you big time. This will take forever but get you relatively close, but this is most difficult in an open field… which brings me to my next point…

Try to always put an object between you and the rabbit. A tree, a bush, anything. Then walk as prescribed above. Have your ammo in your slingshot and aiming in the general direction before you poke out from the object.

Always have trees / bush behind you at all times. Think about it from the animals perspective, the rabbit is super low to the ground looking up… and here comes a massive walking silhouette that’s in contrast to the skyline, it’s gonna run. If you make sure there is trees/bush behind you, it wont be as obvious.

Clever Moniker finds the best time is in the morning, sure you will see lots of rabbits late in the evening too, BUT, you need to get close, real close. The morning dew helps to soften your feet as you walk. As fall approaches crunching leaves are gonna scare the crap outta them.”

Here is an example of how to create a sling:

 photo 2f5af396b6258bf1bd43f2ee52080a31_zps6d6133f3.jpg

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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