ArticlesSmall Backyard Decorating and Landscape Design Ideas 

Small Backyard Decorating and Landscape Design Ideas 

A backyard is a private haven for many people. It’s where we relax, unwind, reconnect with nature and forget about the outside world. We entertain our friends and family in our backyards, and we also enjoy lazy, peaceful Sunday mornings outside. 

Landscape Design Ideas

A small patio doesn’t have to be limiting for creative design ideas. We’ve prepared a list of seven small backyard ideas that turn spaces into fairy tales. Whether you’d like a charming outdoor dining area or rich greenery to feast your eyes while you doze off on a swing, some of these ideas will spark your imagination and help you create a perfect yard no matter how small it is. 

So, let’s begin!

Treat Your Backyard Like a Living Room 

The biggest secret to creating a gorgeous outdoor space is to treat your backyard as a living room. Start by altogether avoiding typical matching backyard furniture because it looks dull and has no “soul.” 

Bring out the big guns instead. What stops you from making the space as cozy and stylish as your actual indoor living room? 

Set up a bohemian patio with a rug and add non-matching, stylish chairs for a more natural, cozy feel. It will add a rustic touch to the entire space, making it look like a vintage indoor living room, except it’ll be in the open air.  

The key is to use furniture pieces made of materials known to resist extreme weather conditions. 

Go Up

If you love your plants but don’t have enough ground space to showcase all of them, consider going up! Make DIY hanging planters by wrapping inexpensive pieces in vintage scarves and hang them horizontally. You may use your fence or wall, whichever works best.

Backyard fences can often use some love, so you may consider hanging some cute DIY containers and plant oregano, kale, mint, parsley, strawberries, etc. A hanging organizer where you can put all your yard equipment is also a good idea for a small yard.

If you’re up for something more dramatic, think about planting a vertical garden on one of your outdoor walls. Nothing can make a dull yard look that good that fast as a vertical garden can. 

Create Some Magic 

It doesn’t take much money or brainpower to make any backyard feel magical regardless of its size. Even the tiniest patio will transform into a fairy tale if you hang charming string lights. Whether you hang them across the walkway or at an area with cozy pillows, your backyard will get the power to transport you into another world. 

Wooden furniture and cozy fabrics will add to the atmosphere and make your magical nights under the starry skies in your backyard unforgettable. 

Add a Small Fountain

You don’t have to have a big yard to beautify the space with a fountain. Build a small fountain without taking a lot of room and add a stylish, calming effect to your yard.

There are many different design examples of small backyard fountains you can check out to get a sense of what you could create for your space. Professional landscaping companies like Seeds of Change can help you turn your ideas into reality and create a dazzling fountain to enhance your pretty little yard. 

Enhance the Greenery 

What is a yard of not a gardening opportunity? The backyard is where you can connect with nature, inhale its beautiful smells and feast your eyes with all of its colors and textures. 

Instead of saturating the vibrant vibe of nature with furniture and hardscape décor, enhance it with flowers and greenery. Create a natural open space where you can relax and unwind in the fresh air, enjoying your little paradise. 

Swing Away on a Hammock 

It’s still possible to enjoy the fresh air in style even if you have the smallest patio. Find a fun jute area rug and hang a hammock over it. Throw in some colorful pillows and floor cushions to add to the place’s coziness, and surround it with a DYI bamboo fence to get some privacy. 

A tiny space is often enough for a cozy corner where you can swing away from your worries. 

Create a Charming Pathway 

A good-looking pathway will make your small yard look charming. Surround it with planting beds and plant slim, tall trees on each side of the walkway to create a private oasis in your backyard. 

You may choose from many different materials for the pathway. People often choose brick or stone paths for small yards, depending on the rest of the landscape design. 

No matter how you like to spend your time in the backyard, you always want to make sure it’s a place you love visiting. While a small backyard may be challenging to design, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your sanctuary out of it. All it takes is a little imagination and inspiration

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