ChickensSmall Chicken Coop Shed House DIY Project

Small Chicken Coop Shed House DIY Project

This Small Chicken Coop Shed House DIY Project is an amazing way to build a strong functional place for your chickens to live.

Small Chicken Coop Shed House DIY Project

Designing your own chicken house is relatively simple if you remember to cover a few basic steps. Firstly, your house must provide your chickens with protection from the elements and from predators. As chickens are outdoors all year, you will need to think of ways to keep them warm/coolregardless of outdoor temperatures.

They need a draft-free sleeping space, preferably raised off the ground to prevent damp. Make sure there is ventilation, as it keeps the house fresh and free from ammonia. This is particularly important in winter, preventing condensation build-up, which can present health risks when combined with cold. Provide perches for them to roost on at night, and consider a tray to catch droppings to make clean-up easy.

Keep predators out by burying wire in the ground around the run to prevent digging, and make sure windows and doors to the coop are secure. Bear in mind the top as well as the bottom; aerial predators can be deterred by covering the top of the pen, but may otherwise pose a danger.

Shutting chickens in at night will help to keep them safe. Remember that chickens need space to exercise, must have a nest box to lay (one for every 4-5 birds), and require reliable access to food and water. Using a light source can keep your flock laying year-round, so you can install an electric bulb if necessary. Bearing these tips in mind will help you design a successful, comfortable house for your chickens.

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