Emergency PreparednessSmallest Homestead Survival Kit Preparedness Project

Smallest Homestead Survival Kit Preparedness Project

The smallest homestead survival kit preparedness project is easy to put together and can be carried on your key chain and a second one placed in the glove box of your car/truck.

These days more and more homesteaders are looking for ways to be prepared in case they find themselves in desperate situation and they are needing to fend for themselves. However, bigger is not always better and this amazing little survival kit is compact enough to be carried hanging from your key chain.

Smallest Homestead Survival Kit Preparedness Project

There many different ways one can prepare for emergencies, one way is you can fill an entire backpack with a bunch supplies like food, water, tools and other stuff. Those things are all very important and would definitely help you in the event of emergency.

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This extremely small kit includes several very valuable tools that will come in handy for starting fire, providing emergency shelter, making emergency repairs and finding directions if lost in the wilderness. The project is designed to help you build your own ultra compact survival kit.

● Project includes a complete list of all of the materials and tools needed
● Project also includes a complete step by step instruction guide
● It includes several full color images and diagrams that depict several steps of the project
● Instructions are written is a format that is easy to read and to understand

Click here to read about how to make the smallest homestead survival kit preparedness project:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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