Food Storage & SkillsHow to Smoke Salmon Fish in Backyard

How to Smoke Salmon Fish in Backyard

How to Smoke Salmon Fish in Backyard is detailed in this step by step tutorial. Salmon, the Chinook or King Salmon and the Sockeye or Red Salmon are the best types of Salmon for smoking. These fish are full of flavor and can produce the best-smoked salmon you will ever taste.

How to Smoke Salmon Fish in Backyard

For smoking a salmon you will want the freshest, oiliest fish possible. This will make for a great taste. To smoke a Salmon you will need A smokehouse and firewood, racks, bucket, water, salt, brown sugar, nail, russet potato, oil or cooking spray, and some really sharp knives.

To start the process you will want a nice fire of 100 degrees with a lot of smoke. Freshly cut trees that are still green create the most smoke.

Next, you will want to prepare the racks so that the fish will not stick to them. You will want to spray cooking spray or spread oil onto them.

Ingredients and Tools needed:

A smokehouse and firewood


Good, fresh, oily fish- king (Chinook) and sockeye (red) salmon are good for smoking.




Brown sugar


Russet potato

Oil or cooking spray

Really sharp knives

After this is done, you will be preparing the brine. Using a five-gallon bucket, put water into it. Then add salt a little at a time until your potato with a nail in it floats to the top. During this time you will want to add the brown sugar so that the fish will glaze during smoking.

Prepare you fish, clean it and make sure it is fully cleaned with no blood even if store bought. It is important to have a clean fish. Now, you will fillet your fish and then cut it into small strips to smoke. Now, you will put your fish in the brine. Remember the smaller the strips and the longer your fish stays in the mixture, the saltier it will taste. This is a taste preference for everybody.

Now it is time to put the salmon on the racks. Place them skin down and far enough apart so that they do not stick while smoking. You will want to start the process of smoking now. The first two hours cooking should be kept at around 100 degrees. Then, the next two hours kept at 120 and after that kept around 140. To ensure that sticking does not occur occasionally open the door and move each piece by hand.

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