Curing MeatsSmoking Meat Cold Smoke Generator Control Cap Project

Smoking Meat Cold Smoke Generator Control Cap Project

Smoking Meat Cold Smoke Generator Control Cap DIY Project will help you control just how much flavorful “smoke” that is blown upon your meat.

Smoking Meat Cold Smoke Generator Control Cap Project - Homesteading - curing meats

Here is a DIY project where smoke can be generated safely to make things cooler or hotter to your personal preference. It includes making a cover to prevent more smoke being released and saving wood when smoking again.

Gather the following: a one-foot piece of 3″ 40 aluminum pipe,one or two 2 7/8″ caps for a fence, a portion of a screen from stainless steel, an air hose fixture, a washer, a pipe link that secures the air hose from its back, a 4″ metal hose duct with a 4″ duct connector and a 4″ cap, duct tape, and two 4″ hose locks.

With the cap drilled, stick the pipe on its back to have the pipe between the fixture and coupling. Then, cut out a square part of the screen and fold the corners upwards to have it fit comfortably in the pipe. Break it a bit to give some room for the cap to fit in.

Next,put the cap on the pipe’s end with a hammer and piece of wood; silicone can be added if it’s loose too much. Maybe, use a 4 x 3 adapter and put in a 4″ on the end, measure it, and take off any extra with a grinder. Placed over the pipe, it should fit it perfectly, where it can be bolted and taped up safely. With the hose clamps has the overall nail to the project, the smoker should be ready and safe to use inside.

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