Household TipsHow to Smooth a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Smooth a Cast Iron Skillet

If you own cast iron that is newer you may be interested in how to smooth a cast iron skillet or pan. If you own older cast iron like Griswold or Wagner among others then you know how wonderful the old cast iron with its smooth cooking surface is.

How to Smooth a Cast Iron Skillet

Newer skillets and pans are sand cast and have a rougher surface to them. Some folks don’t like the rough surface as they say it won’t season well and so it is not non stick. I know others disagree. Although there are a couple of companies that are bringing back the smooth surface like, Star Gazer Cast Iron they are pretty expensive. If you are one that wants a smoother cooking surface on your newer cast iron then this is for you.

The video showing how to smooth the cooking surface of a Lodge skillet is from, glock36me. He shows you how to use your drill and an Avanti Pro disc and walks you through all of the necessary steps from start to finish. It is really well presented and anyone should be able to do the same thing for themselves.

Benefits of watching the DIY Project:How to Smooth a Cast Iron Skillet

Discover a very simple way to remove the rough finish on modern cast iron cookware.
The video describes all of the necessary materials, supplies, and tools needed to get started.
It also includes a very easy to follow step by step instruction guide that shows how to do it.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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