RecipesSnorker Snacks - Homemade Sausage In Mustard flavored Shortcrust

Snorker Snacks – Homemade Sausage In Mustard flavored Shortcrust

If you like to make your own sausages, you will probably like this recipe for Newmarket style sausage that you then cut into pieces and encase them in the shortcrust that is flavored with mustard powder. These little gems would be a great snack for  game day or movie time. Perfect for card parties like poker or bunco nights. I think I would even like them for sinner with a nice salad. Either way you decide to serve them they look like a must try if you are into making your own homemade sausages. The recipe for the sausage sounds really delicious even if you didn’t end up making the snorkers. The pork is coarsely ground and they is not a lot of cereal or bread type fillers so it should come out nice and meaty. Saucissonmac shares the recipes for both the sausage and the snorkers. The site has recipe for all sorts of sausages, below this one there is one for Green Irish Bangers for St. Patrick’s day and there are even recipes for seafood sausages which I never knew existed.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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