RecipesSoaked Grains Whole Wheat Bread

Soaked Grains Whole Wheat Bread

Baking whole wheat bread for your family is a good way to know what is in the bread, baking soaked grains whole wheat bread makes the bread a lot easier to digest and get as much nutrition out of the bread as possible.The warm, inviting smell of home-baked bread is quite comforting and the sole reason enough for you to try baking at home. Aroma of oven-fresh bread is mouth-watering and you can enjoy it oh-so-easily at home. Home baked bread tends to provide fewer preservatives and more nutrients than the ones bought locally.

Soaked Grains Whole Wheat Bread

With this recipe from The Elliott Homestead you can bake your own bread and use soaked grains. Why you should make your own bread? Because the bread that you bake shall always taste better than what you are accustomed to eating. Being in-charge of ingredients, you get to decide what goes in the bread. You could add ingredients that are reasonably priced and healthy. You can control the sugar and sodium content, choose the top quality flours, leavening agents and you don’t even have to worry about the dextrose or high fructose corn syrup which do nothing but give you empty calories. Though baking bread shall take some time and practice, the overall nutritional impact along with the taste is so much worth it. Your bread shall be fresh, affordable and healthy right from the oven! Try this great recipe of traditional soaked whole wheat bread which is less crumbly and tangy. It not only uses lesser ingredients but less expensive ingredients!


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Paige Raymond
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