Soap Making 101 – Making Cold Process Soap


The Nerdy Farm Wife website has a fabulous article showing you how to learn the art of soap making not to just follow one recipe.

If you truly understand the concept and the process making soap (even using lye ) is not intimidating or overwhelming.

Honestly I was it was a skill I put off learning for many years but luckily after reading a few great books, a handful of great website posts and talking with others …. I finally jumped in a did it.

This article is one of those truly great articles that is a print and save worthy.
Now I experience the joy and creativity of making different combinations of scents using all sort of ingredients….  I view store bought soap as bland and boring.

I guess that makes me sort of a soap making snob, LOL.

I was just kidding, I am not a snob but I hope to encourage others to try it.

Click here to read the article:


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