soapsSoap Making: Melt and Pour Soap Homemade Project

Soap Making: Melt and Pour Soap Homemade Project

This Soap Making Melt and Pour Soap Homemade Project is a great option for beginners. Just melt a premade base and customize your scent.

Soap Making: Melt and Pour Soap Homemade Project

If you were to ask most homesteaders what is one of the primary “Back to Land” skills they dream of learning ….. making soap. This soap project is like the “light version” to making bar soap. Melt and pour soap is super simple enough to give you confidence to move onto more advanced soap making.

Most of them will tell you they are able to do it by making most if not all of the household cleaning and personal care products in their own kitchen. By doing this they no longer have to buy them from the store.

This article and included recipe was created and shared by the author in hopes to help others who are looking for ways to cut down on their own household budget.


Clear Glycerin Soap Base 

Goats Milk – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base 

Shea Butter Glycerine Soap Base 

Honey – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base

Oatmeal- 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base 


The recipe in the article was created in a way that makes it really easy for the reader to follow.

It has a list of all of the needed ingredients and also has an easy to follow preparation guide that covers everything from the start to the finish.

Click here to read about how to create Homemade Soap Melt and Pour Craft Project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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