CraftsSoda Pop Cans Aluminum Purse Handbag Craft Project

Soda Pop Cans Aluminum Purse Handbag Craft Project

This Soda Pop Cans Aluminum Purse Handbag Craft Project was written by a creative homesteader (Caitlin G.) who used what she had on hand and it turned out beautifully.

“USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE IT DO, OR DO WITHOUT” quote says it all a mindset of frugalness.

Soda Pop Cans Aluminum Purse Handbag Craft Project - Frugal - Creative

Written By Caitlin Gilbert 

Ok so it’s been years since I made this purse, so let me try to remember everything I did.

1. First I traced out a purse shape onto paper, just the two large sides (the ones with the built in handle). On the paper I drew squares and rectangles within the purse outline.

2. Then I think I numbered each shape and made a copy of the paper. I cut one of the drawings up, so now I had a bunch of numbered shapes. The other sheet served as a master copy of how the shapes went together.

3. I took a bunch of soda cans, cleaned them, and cut the tops and bottoms out of them with a knife and then regular scissors. I ended up with sheets of the aluminum can.

4. I traced the cut out shapes onto the cans. Then I cut out the shapes leaving about quarter on an inch (maybe 5-7 millimeters) edge. I wrote the corresponding number on each piece. If you are using a variety of sodas, make sure to think about the color combination and layout when you are cutting out pieces. I then folded those edges under, to hide the sharp edge of the can. I can’t remember what strategy I used to do this, I may have bent them over the edge of a ruler.

5. Next I arranged them back into the purse side shape. If you noticed in the pics I used regular staples to join the can pieces. If you use a standard size stapler make sure to begin joining them from the middle and work your way out (you want to make sure the stapler can reach each piece to connect it). The pieces are not overlapped but side by side.

6. For the bottom and other small side of the purse, I created one long strip of soda can pieces, making sure it was the length I wanted for the sides.

7. After I had all three pieces of my purse I traced out the purse shapes onto naugahyde (I believe that is the right term for the material), but some sort of vinyl or pleather would probably work fine, just as long as its durable. Then I glued the material onto the purse shapes. I don’t remember what kind of glue I used, but something flexible is good.

8. Ok…….sorry this is so wordy and for the lack of pics……..Then I believe I took a small nail and punched holes at regular intervals around the edges of the purse forms (You can see this pretty clearly in the close up shot). Then I took wire and laced all three pieces together.

Lol….I think that’s it, wow I wrote a lot. It sounds like tons of work, but only cutting out the cans takes a really long time, I think lol.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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