Water storage and purificationSODIS Disinfecting Water with Sunlight

SODIS Disinfecting Water with Sunlight

If there is ever a time that you are without clean water to drink. Knowing how to go about disinfecting water with sunlight aka sodis just might help you survive. Safe drinking water is a luxury in most developed parts of the world, however, this is not the case in the other parts of the world.

SODIS Disinfecting Water with Sunlight

The challenge is to find ways to turn water that is teeming with microorganisms and make safe for human consumption. In most places, water treatment plants are used to process billions of gallons of water every day, but on a much smaller scale, those plants do work. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a much simpler water disinfectant system.

If ever you would need to disinfect water for drinking or cooking knowing how would help. You need a pet bottle or glass if its available. The water is put into the bottle and then left in sunlight for 6 hours on a sunny day, longer hours would be needed if it was cloudy. The heat and uv rays will kill viruses and other types of bacteria and parasites. While sodis will disinfect water it can’t remove chemicals, fluoride or radiation. If the water you are trying to disinfect is not clear but had some clay or dirt in it the sun can’t kill everything effectively.

However if you have some salt you can add a small amount to the water and the salt will make the clay or dirt settle and then you could pour the clean water into a different bottle. There is also a way to use lime juice to help but if you ever really needed this in our country anyway you probably wouldn’t have access to limes or lime juice. You can read more on this method for disinfecting water at the US National Library of Medicine.

Benefits of reading Water Treatment System: SODIS Disinfecting Water with Sunlight

Discover a powerful truth about the immense power of the sun and when harness it can do wonderful things.
The article goes into great details what is necessary in order to make a SODIS water treatment system.
It also goes into detail on how easy it is to make this simple system and the proper way to set one up.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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