SolarSolar Panel Power for Homesteading Home Guidelines

Solar Panel Power for Homesteading Home Guidelines

Solar Panel Power for Homesdteading Home Guidelines

These Solar Panel Power for Homesdteading Home Guidelines and tips for common residential installations including wattage.

Solar Panel Power for Homesteading Home Guidelines

Since June 2013, this homesteading house has been solar powered using an off grid proven reliable solar power system. Here is an instructable, to shared with fellow do it yourself homesteaders who also want to enjoy solar power for their homes.

First off, it’s important to note that your solar power system should comply with your local power utility requirements. A knowledge in electrical installations is important for this project, otherwise, you may need to hire a professional electrician.

Let’s begin with the calculations:


Cables: The cables’ size matter to get the lowest voltage drop possible.

Breakers: AC and DC breakers are rated differently. The basic rule is, the maximum DC voltage should be one-fifth of the AC voltage rating.

Solar Panels: Determine your household energy demand for a 24-hour period for the sizing of your panels.

Batteries: The larger capacity battery bank you have, the better voltage regulation. Ideally, battery watt hour is equal to volts multiplied by the amp-hours.

Installing the Solar Panels: Solar panels were installed on a home roof. You can purchase mounting kits or make your own using metal or PVC. The installation angle varies depending on your location. Make sure to place your panels at a location where you can harvest sunlight most.

Solar Charge Controller: To get more energy, it is recommend MPPT type rather than PWM.

Battery Bank: The higher your battery bank’s voltage is, the better.

DC Wiring and Breakers: In this project, DIN rail type was used.

Inverter: You can just buy transformer type inverter. Be sure to read manual carefully.

AC Panelboard and Transfer Switch: You can buy pre-made panelboard or build your own.

Now, you can enjoy your own solar power. Do remember to be wise and economize in using energy.

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