Solar Powered Water Tank System Off The Grid Project

Solar Powered Water Tank System Off The Grid Project

This solar powered water tank system off the grid project is a “think out of the box” method for bring water to your homestead. Often many homesteaders are struggling to get just the basic needs such as water, heat and sanitation. Water to drink, bathe in, clean dishes, cook food, water crops and livestock animals… all essential needs that a homesteading family needs daily.

Solar Powered Water Tank System Off The Grid Project

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First, the downspouts need to be rerouted. The system collects all the water from two sheds, each with two downspouts, and they all are redirected to empty the water into a single barrel. Connect the pipes and hold them together with a few small metallic screws and a sealant. Next, install one filter for downspouts to fall through, as they can collect any debris and leaves to prevent them from falling into the tanks. Then, comes installing the secondary filter before the pump. While the main filter catches the bigger debris, smaller pieces can still get through and clog up the pump and nozzle. The secondary filter is built to be parallel on the tank to filter all of the smaller debris and goo. After that, install the outlet from its second filter into one shed by drilling a hole in the back for the hose to go through.

Install the hose with 2×4’s on both sides along the wall to protect it from possible damage or any leakage from coming up. Get a car battery for the water pump and a 40-watt solar panel with a charge controller (to control the battery being charged). Get a leveled fuse with a current rating a bit higher than the current level for the pump used.This should be a no-brainer thought, but it’s electric, so be extra careful. Finally, when everything is installed, get hose reel and attach to the shed to roll up the hose when not in use.

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