SolarSolar Powered Window Room Heater Booster DIY Project

Solar Powered Window Room Heater Booster DIY Project

How to build a Solar Powered Window Room Heater Booster DIY Project is just what every frugal homesteader needs for all windows that face towards the most sun expoursure. It creates warmth (heating) not electricity. Saving you money and making your house nice an cozy warm.

These heat boosting panels are easy to make, they hang “INSIDE” your windows where they are protected from the weather and you can take them down in the summer and stored away until next winter.

This is a tutoiral that you should really pay attention too….. it is a winner.

Solar Powered Window Room Heater Booster DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Solar - Frugal - Winter

During the winter months, it can get quite cold across most of the country, while the rays of the sun do shine bright, they are not often strong enough to warm the outside air. However, when the sun beats down on the glass of the windows or doors, the heat can be magnified. This heat if properly harnessed can be used to heat a room or two.

This do it yourself project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique solar-powered heater.

* * * Materials Needed:

1. Screen frames and framing Corners (Buy Here) 

2. Aluminum flashing (Buy Here)

3. Black Cinefoil (Buy Here)

4. Heat resistant aluminum tape (Buy Here)

5. Window treatment film (comes with double sided tape)

6. Suction cups with #10 eye screws

7. Optional two soffit vents (not shown) (Buy Here) 

This Do It Yourself project and the plan that was included was shared in order to help show the reader that the power of the sun’s rays can be harnessed and used to warm one or more rooms in the house and save you money on your energy bill during the winter months.

* * * Tools Needed:

– Riveting tool

– Drill (size bit for rivets)

– Rivets

– Marking pen

– Measuring tape

– Needle nose pliers

– Hole punch

– Knife

– Snips

– Heavy duty scissors

– Light duty scissors

– Hair dryer

* * * Benefits of reading the DIY Projects: How to make homemade solar windows heat panels

Discover a much more inexpensive way to heat a room in the winter by harnessing the power of the sun

The DIY project includes a plan which describes all of the materials, supplies, and tools that are needed to be had on hand to get started

The plan also includes a complete, easy to read and follow step by step tutorial that covers everything that will need to be done in order to make one

There are a lot of full-color pictures that are included in hopes to provide the reader with a good visual reference

All of the information contains in this DIY project was presented in a way that made it really easy to understand.

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