SolarSolar Stock Tank Water Heater Homesteading DIY Project

Solar Stock Tank Water Heater Homesteading DIY Project

This Solar Stock Tank Water Heater Homesteading DIY Project helps you make a simple, inexpensive alternative water heating method for hot showers, washing dishes and doing laundry.

Solar Stock Tank Water Heater Homesteading DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading - Off The Grid

Solar power is increasingly becoming popular in homes as a measure to save the planet as well as saving on your pocket. Solar power can only be generated when there is sun, and this DIY water heater would be very handy during the summer when your air-conditioning bill may increase because of the heat.

Here is what you would need:

• Galvanized water trough or double ply wood box

• Foam (polyisocyanurate)insulation board with reflective coating

• Polycarbonate glazing sheets and hinges

• Used 30-Gal water heater

• Black paint

• PVC hose and fittings complete with rubber grommets

You would need to paint the water heater tank black as this would help to keep the water heated. Ensure that you remove all the old pipe fittings and clean and rinse the inside of the tank. You may want to test it for leaks before you decide on using it in your project.

Build a frame inside the water trough or plywood box so that the water heater would not touch the bottom or the sides of it.

Then line the inside with the foam insulation board.

Drill three holes in the trough / box for the hot, cold and TPR valve. When install the tank and valves inside the trough / box, you would need to seal it with the rubber grommets. You may need a plumber for this though.

At the top of the trough / box, install the glazing sheet. Then attach the second glazing sheet with a 20-degree angle, facing the sun.

Fill up your trough and see the solar power in action.

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Melissa Francis
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